Global Healthcare – Selecting the Right Medical Tourism Agent

Global healthcare dates back centuries to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians travelling to hot mineral springs to obtain their healing benefits. Today global healthcare, or medical tourism is done through medical tourism agents (also known as facilitators). It has become very popular due to the higher level of care received, better recovery and deep discounts over U.S. healthcare. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

For Americans, medical tourism is a new concept and many stumbling into it have no idea where to start when it comes to selecting a medical tourism agent. This medical tourism guide will give you a good idea of what you should look for when selecting a medical tourism agent or agency.

Company Size: How big is the company? Is the company real? The problem with finding a company online is you never know what is behind the company. There have been countless occasions when the businesses street address points to a house.

Time in business: Ask how long your medical tourism agency has been in business. It is also good to ask how they got their start. When you find a destination you like, it is a good idea to call the hospital and see if they know who the company is that you are booking through.

Network: How big is the network? When you need a heart stint do you want a network with 1 heart hospital or a network with all the very best heart hospitals the world has to offer? When it comes to your health make sure you are searching from the best hospitals. Global healthcare isn’t global healthcare if it only extends to 3 or 4 countries.

Services: What services are included by the company? Do they pick you up at the hotel and airport? Is there a follow up? Do your medical records go directly to the doctor?

Quality of hospitals: Quality should be your greatest concern. There are world-class hospitals that surpass the quality and level of care in the United States. Hospital accreditations are a good place to start.

Member base: Are you travelling alone or with the power of members? There are companies that are membership based. This gives you far greater advantage when travelling, including no mark-ups on your procedure.

Communications: Are there transparent lines of communication between you, the doctor and the international patient coordinator? When it comes to your health, nothing should stand between you and your provider.

Money Transfer: I highly highly highly do not recommend travelling with cash or using credit cards to pay for your procedure. Carrying a large amount of cash puts you at risk, and credit card charges in foreign countries can be extremely high (as much as 18%). Always make sure you are paying the hospital directly.

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